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Gold Award Project


Making the House of Shine

Spanish Friendly


What is it?



Through this project, we aim to break down language barriers and open the doors of self-discovery to our community. By offering translations of exhibit descriptions, benches, signage, and educational materials, we ensure that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the treasures within our museum.



Our additional programming aims to ignite curiosity, foster connections, and leave a lasting impact on our visitors.

Storytime and "What is Your Shine?" and Tours in Spanish are just a few of the events on the schedule.

As we continue to build partnerships and increase our volunteers, we want to ensure the Latino community can also discover who they are, why that matters, and how they can make positive contributions to the different communities in which they find themselves.



In our library, you’ll find a treasure trove of self-development books in English and Spanish, catering to all ages. Whether you’re fluent in English or Spanish, we aim to create a welcoming space where everyone can find stories that resonate with them.

Introducing ‘BrillaGrapevine’ – Building Bridges and Celebrating Diversity! 🌟 Through a variety of programs, events, and partnerships, ‘BrillaGrapevine’ aims to increase the outreach initiative at the House of Shine, bridging cultural gaps, and helping Latinos learn more about themselves through self-discovery. By creating opportunities for dialogue, education, and collaboration, we aim to foster a more inclusive society that celebrates diversity in all its forms.


Join the Team!

Join us in building a more inclusive, supportive, and vibrant community. As a team member, you’ll collaborate with dedicated individuals who share a common goal of making a positive difference (and volunteer hours)!


House of Shine is a nonprofit, interactive museum dedicated to the study of you. Its mission is to grow confident and self-aware leaders, ages 5 to 95, to make meaningful contributions in their corner of the world.

House of Shine

Everyone has something valuable to share with the world. Unearthing your Shine is the reason they do what they do—and their research-based Shine Methodology is how they do it.


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